• Our Values: We Prioritise Mobility and Accessibility

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    • Our Values: We Prioritise Mobility and Accessibility
    • by Bill Freeman
      Chief Executive

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    In our latest series of blogs we explore the CTA’s five values that underpin its strategic plan.  In particular looking at how CTA lives out their values in their day to day work. 

    Things change over time and the opportunities through which we get to advance our vision and mission are moving all the time, but some things remain constant – our values.

    The third of our five values is that we prioritise mobility and accessibility.  This means that everything we do as a charity is geared toward making society more inclusive and accessible through supporting and strengthening community transport. This value commits us to striving toward a transport network that is accessible and inclusive, so everything else in our lives can be more accessible and inclusive too.

    Too often there are people in our communities who cannot get to where they need to be.  This is often due to their age, disability, or their rural location. This lack of transport can be a significant  barrier to living a full and active life, stopping people  accessing recreation or social occasions, health appointments, or many of the other places we so often take for granted.

    The source of our members’ boundless energy and commitment to their communities comes from their drive to make a difference in people’s lives and that is something that the CTA shares.We stand up for the people who rely most on community transport to enable them to enjoy a better quality of life. We share this deep sense of responsibility and passion with our members and work with them to ensure that community transport, in whatever form, is rooted in responding to needs within local communities, prioritising those that are unmet by other services.

    One of the ways in which we prioritise mobility and accessibility is through our policy work. Through papers, consultation responses, and dozens of conversations, we put forward community transport as the best means of building a more accessible and inclusive transport infrastructure.  You may have seen our work on the Bus Services Bill, where we have continually spoke about the need for communities to be at its heart, for accessibility to be a key quality measure in assessments of its effectiveness, and that, more than anything, the Bill should enhance the mobility of some of England’s most isolated citizens.

    Part of this work is ensuring that as far as possible every conversation on how our transport network should develop is done in a way that improves mobility and accessibility.  Whether that is through advocating better integration with rail, arguing for more integrated health transport, or through sharing stories of how our members have improved access to medical facilities, we seek to tell the story of how our members benefit their communities

    The CTA’s values underpin everything we do.  This value compels us to consider how we can make sure every piece of work we do, every paper we produce, and every communication we put out, prioritises mobility and accessibility.  The next issue of Together, the membership journal of the CTA, is on the topic of how we champion inclusive and accessible transport, and you can read more about the work we’ve been doing in this area when its released in a few weeks.

    We would love to hear your stories of how you are helping the people in your community get to where they need to be and ensuring local services remain accessible to them.

    If you have a story to share about how you prioritise mobility and accessibility in your community please contact our Marketing and Business Development Executive, Tom Jeffery, at tom@ctauk.org

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