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    • Our Values: We Put Members First
    • by Bill Freeman
      Chief Executive

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    In our latest series of blogs we explore the CTA’s five values that underpin its strategic plan.  In particular looking at how CTA lives out their value in their day to day work. 

    The year changes and the opportunities through which we get to advance our mission are moving all the time, but some things remain constant – our values.

    This means that regardless of political context, economic environment, advances in technology or external pressures the things we believe in will remain the same.   Our values are our commitments to you as community transport operators.  I hope through talking about these in our blogs you will get a better appreciation of how we reflect the amazing work you all do through the work of our organisation.

    Our first value is that we put members first.  This means that anytime we consider embarking on a new project, carrying out some new research; respond to a government consultation, we first and foremost consider how it will benefit our members.  This extends to the relationships we make with external bodies where every hour we put into cultivating new friendships is in the hope that this will lead to one hour less the sector can worry about funding, sustainability, or where to find new partnership opportunities.  This is so you can spend more time delivering inclusive and accessible transport to people in your communities.

    This of course means that we have to be mindful of what your priorities, challenges and ambitions are.  We make sure we know this through the regular meetings our staff attend up and down the country, the feedback you give us on our consultations and through social media, and through the events we host that you attend.  It is an ambition of mine this year that we spend more time listening to our members and involving you in our work.  We have kicked this off already with our review of our Country Committees, looking particular at how we can strengthen their role in shaping our work.

    One of our intended impacts will be that our members can report how their membership makes a positive contribution and difference to their success and sustainability as a CT provider.

    I hope this has provided some insight into the first of our five values and how it informs our work.  In the next blog I will be talking about how we lead with authority and responsibility.

    If you are interested in talking more about CTA’s communications work, policy development or strategic plan you can contact CTA at hello@ctauk.org.

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