• Press Release: CTA Urges Operators to Prioritise Robust Maintenance Programmes

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    • Press Release: CTA Urges Operators to Prioritise Robust Maintenance Programmes

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    The Community Transport Association (CTA) calls on all community transport (CT) operators to prioritise robust maintenance programmes to ensure the safety and compliance of their vehicles on the road.  

    This call has become paramount following the decision of the Traffic Commissioner to revoke the permits of a CT operating below the required safety standards. Based on the evidence provided by the Traffic Commissioner, CTA has now made the decision to revoke the remaining permits issued to the Operator.

    CTA acknowledges that the Traffic Commissioner has a duty to enforce transport operators’ compliance with strict regulations and that safety standards are upheld, and the decision to revoke the permits of the said CT operator has become necessary to maintain that standard.

    CTA issues over 1000 Section 19 permits every year to more than 1200 CT organisations that are its members. While these permits enable CT operators to provide vital transport services to vulnerable members of society, it is the responsibility of Operators to safeguard the well-being of passengers and other road users while operating with the permits.  

    We have no doubts that most operators deliver robust service to transport passengers safely and legally. It has, however, become imperative to emphasise the need for all operators to comply with regulations to maintain their vehicles and carry out regular inspections and repairs, so they do not jeopardise their operations.

    As a designated membership body, the CTA is responsible for ensuring that operators have the right knowledge, processes, and governance to run within the regulations. 

    “If operators are concerned that they are falling below the required standard or want to ensure they have considered everything and are operating legally, we encourage them to contact us. The CTA can offer recommendations, guidance, and advice to prevent operators from jeopardising their operation,” Dr Victoria Armstrong, Chief Executive.   

    The CTA also offers a range of advice mechanisms to support CT operators in delivering a safe and legal service, including online resources, peer-to-peer sessions and 1-2-1 tailored advice from a CTA team member.  While this support is on offer, CTA emphasises that operators have a duty to maintain standard procedures to secure the safety of the passengers and the drivers. The CTA continues to review its advice and permit process as an ongoing effort to build a strong, safe and compliant community transport sector. 


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    Kevwe Oghide,

    Marketing & Communications Manager


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