• Reflecting on Trustees Week: Exploring Growth in Community Transport

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    • Reflecting on Trustees Week: Exploring Growth in Community Transport

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    Trustees Week last month gave us a chance to reflect on the important role of a Trustee in Community Transport. When listening to stories from Trustees in the sector it becomes increasingly clear that is not just a role; it’s a journey rich in opportunities and personal growth. For our members at the Community Transport Association (CTA), understanding these benefits is crucial, especially for those at the helm of CT organisations.

    Trustees at CTA: Their Influence and Insights

    At CTA, the positive impact of our board on our daily operations is clear. Our CEO, Victoria Armstrong, points out the strategic role of our Trustees. “They understand the distinction between strategy and operations,” she notes, emphasising the balance between providing guidance and maintaining operational independence, essential for any CT organisation’s success.

    Martin Heffer of WSP, one of our CTA Trustees, discusses the range of trusteeship responsibilities. “Recently, I’ve dealt with everything from children’s needs to local transport issues,” he comments. His experiences illustrate the varied and engaging nature of trusteeship, where community care intersects with governance, leading to valuable learning and the chance to give back.

    CT Sussex: Diverse Trustee Experiences

    The Trustees at CT Sussex come from varied backgrounds. John Pudduck finds trusteeship a refreshing change from his regular job, applying his skills in significant ways. Terry Harper, with his extensive experience in the bus industry, is a key contributor to strategic discussions. Yann Davies, enthusiastic about his role, remarks, “Being a Trustee for CT Sussex lets me directly observe the charity’s impact.”

    Lydney Dial-a-Ride: A Mix of Expertise

    Each Trustee at Lydney Dial-a-Ride brings unique skills to the table. Richard, their Financial Trustee, applies his business knowledge to crucial services. Ian, an expert in Digital Marketing, joined after COVID to help with new challenges. Mike, a long-time Trustee of 40 years, stays committed to serving the community. Chairperson Martin highlights the fulfilling aspect of trusteeship, “It’s a meaningful way to engage with the community and make a real difference.”

    The Benefits of Becoming a Community Transport Trustee

    • Skill Development: Trusteeship offers a platform to apply and enhance professional skills in a different environment, fostering personal and career development.
    • Strategic Impact: Trustees have a crucial role in shaping the direction and effectiveness of an organisation, contributing significantly to community service.
    • Community Engagement: Being a Trustee provides deep connections with local communities and a substantial impact, especially for those dependent on CT services.
    • Networking: The role encourages interaction with a variety of professionals, expanding one’s network.
    • The Chance to ‘Give Back’: Making a positive contribution to the lives of others through this role is immensely satisfying — a sentiment unanimously echoed by all the CT Trustees we spoke with.


    The experiences shared during Trustees Week offer insights into the diverse benefits and impacts of being a CT Trustee. These stories underline the important role Trustees have in developing accessible, inclusive transport services, and in making a difference in the communities they serve. For us at CTA, embracing trusteeship is a rewarding journey of growth, impact, and community involvement.

    Celebrate a CT Trustee: Have a Trustee story to share? Contact us at comms@ctauk.org, and we’ll spotlight it on our social media!

    If you have any questions about running a CT organisation contact us using our Advice Service.

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