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    • Roadshow Recap- CTA’s Vision and Mission
    • by Tom Jeffery
      Marketing and Communications Executive

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    This year, the Community Transport Association was honoured to be supported by KPMG for our 2016 Roadshow events in England. KPMG’s offices in Newcastle, Liverpool, Birmingham, Cambridge and Southampton provided the perfect setting to gather as a sector and talk about the CTA’s vision and strategy for the future; the current policy landscape that we’re operating in; how we can improve the services that we offer; and how we can all champion the vital work that community transport does.

    Each roadshow event comprised of a number of different sessions and we’ll be posting recaps of each session on our blog over the next few days

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    At each event, the day kicked off with Chief Executive Bill Freeman discussing the CTA’s new vision and mission. We said at last year’s Westminster Conference that we would go away and think about what the future of the CTA looks like, and share it with members in 2016. This is what Bill did in his presentation when he outlined the CTA’s new vision, mission and strategic priorities.

    We are for, and about, accessible and inclusive transport.

    Our vision is of a world where people can shape and create their own accessible and inclusive transport solutions.

    Our mission is to realise our vision through three strategic priorities:

    1. Championing accessible and inclusive transport: We will be the UK’s leading authority on making transport more accessible and inclusive for the benefit of the communities served by our members.

    2. Connecting people and ideas: We will be recognised as the UK’s main hub for the creation and exchange of knowledge, ideas and innovation on improving the accessibility and inclusivity of transport.

    3. Strengthening our members and raising standards. We work with our members to promote high standards of practice in community transport and support them to deliver excellent services

    Bill then expanded on each of these strategic priorities, looking at what they mean for the work of the CTA. He then discussed the CTA’s five values which have stayed the same whilst developing this new vision and mission. These values, said Bill, shape how the CTA works:

    We put members first.

    We lead with authority and responsibility.

    We prioritise mobility and accessibility.

    We champion volunteering.

    We think big.

    Bill’s presentation proved an ideal way to kick off each event, sparking great discussion as well as framing the conversation for the rest of the day.

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