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What are the benefits of MiDAS?

  • As well as ensuring that drivers can provide safe, legal and comfortable journeys to passengers, there are lots of other benefits of MiDAS.

    Driver Confidence

    Driving can be stressful, particularly if you are driving a vehicle significantly different to the one you are used to. MiDAS can help to improve their confidence, supporting them to apply their car driving skills to a minibus. It also ensures that they understand the additional legal responsibilities of carrying passengers and driving a minibus and how to deal with a range of situations such as breakdowns and collisions.

    Fuel Efficiency

    Drivers who have a better understanding of driving minibuses are more likely to drive more efficiently. This will help to save fuel costs, and help to reduce carbon emissions. More efficient driving will also mean more comfortable journeys for passengers as acceleration and braking will be more gentle.

    Improved Maintenance

    Ensuring that vehicles are in a roadworthy condition is a legal requirement. But by training drivers to conduct effective walkaround checks and ensuring they understand their responsibilities for reporting defects will also help to prevent breakdowns and extend vehicle lifespan.

    Lower Costs

    Whilst there is a cost to training – the long-term cost savings associated with reduced accidents, maintenance, and fuel consumption can be substantial. Trained drivers lower the risk of accidents which can therefore lead to reduced insurance premiums. Ensuring drivers have the skills for driving larger vehicles also ensures they have the confidence performing manoeuvres such as navigating tight spaces, and reversing which is one of the most common causes of insurance claims.

    Trust and peace of mind

    Ensuring that all drivers receive effective training demonstrates to passengers, parents, carers and guardians that you value safety. This helps to contribute to a thriving transport sector where people feel confident travelling.

    Why MiDAS?

    Passenger-Centred Approach

    MiDAS was created by the community transport sector, with the key goal of promoting the safety of passengers. This remains a central value of MiDAS, ensuring that the safety and care of passengers is paramount.

    National leadership

    As the national administrator of MiDAS, CTA, along with our partners Hampshire County Council can bring together perspectives and expertise from the community transport sector and beyond, ensuring that MiDAS reflects the latest guidance, addresses the latest challenges and sets the gold standard for best practice.

    A thriving sector

    MiDAS helps to support the transport sector to maintain high standards and promote the safety of passengers.

    Nationally recognised standard

    MiDAS is available right across the UK with over 20,000 drivers being assessed to the MiDAS standard every year. This standard has been recognised and trusted for nearly 30 years.

    Flexible, modern online Learning

    Our new online learning ensures that training materials are available anytime, anywhere and they can be reactive to feedback, legislation and best practice. It also ensures that learners can access materials in an interactive and engaging way.

    Please note, completing a MiDAS course does not change your entitlement to drive a minibus. You can find out if you are able to drive a minibus in our frequently asked questions.