MiDAS Costs

  • One of the key benefits of MiDAS is that it is a national scheme which is available across the UK. There are hundreds of organisations providing high quality MiDAS courses which help to ensure that your drivers are able to provide safe, legal and comfortable journeys.

    If you have looked at what a MiDAS course involves, and how to access MiDAS training, we know that one of the key things which you need to consider is the cost.

    MiDAS courses are organised directly with MiDAS providers, so we always recommend contacting a couple as prices and availability may vary.

    From 2nd January 2024, there will no longer be a group classroom session as part of the MiDAS Standard course. This should make it easier for you to organise courses with your chosen provider as you will not need to find a time to bring all your drivers together and you can just book individual appointments. However, keep in mind that although there will no longer be a group theory session, this time will now be spent working individually with each driver.

    We are also launching our new online learning system. That means that the price you are charged by your MiDAS provider will now include a £40 fee per driver. If you are an organisation with your own Driver Assessors, delivering MiDAS to your own drivers, then the cost will be £32 per driver. We recognise that this is an increase from the current charge for a certificate and handbook, however, it will bring a number of benefits:

    Extended Access

    Your drivers will get a 4-year subscription to our online system which entitles them to continuous access to essential theory information throughout the validity of their certificates.

    High-Quality eLearning

    Our platform offers an engaging and interactive eLearning course that drivers can complete on any internet-enabled device. It’s a seamless, user-friendly experience that prepares your drivers with the theoretical knowledge they need before attending their practical.

    Digital Certificates

    No more hunting for physical certificates! Access digital certificates online, anytime, from anywhere. It’s a convenient way to keep your records organised and up-to-date.

    Stay Informed

    Receive real-time notifications of crucial changes in legislation. No more having to wait for a refresher course before hearing the most up to date information.

    Automatic Reminders

    Never miss a refresher training deadline again. Our system sends automated email reminders when it’s time for drivers to renew their training, saving you time and effort.


    Access a comprehensive bank of resources that is regularly updated and expanded. Drivers will have a valuable library at their fingertips, ready to support them in their roles.