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    • Update on the AMAP Campaign and find out how you can help

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    A significant group of community transport providers in CTA’s membership are reporting that they are struggling to recruit and retain volunteers. One of main reasons they are hearing is that drivers feel the reimbursement rate has diminished in value and has disincentivised volunteering.

    CTA has been calling for an immediate review of the Approved Milage Allowance Payment rate (AMAP) that can be claimed by volunteers, due to its growing impact on volunteer recruitment and retention and what that means for people who rely on Community Transport.  We believe the time is right for a review since the last review was in 2012 and according to the RAC the cost of driving has increased by 25% in that period, even before the current cost of living crisis people are facing.

    We have the support of a number of large volunteering-based charities across the UK which this issue also impacts including; Volunteer Now (NI), Volunteering Matters and NCVO and we’re calling on other charities with this issue to get in touch and join our campaign. You can get involved by emailing us at hello@ctauk.org

    CTA last week had a successful meeting with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) who have agreed to take our call for a review forward to HMRC. They understood when we told them the value of volunteering drivers and how volunteer car schemes are one of the most cost-effective means of enabling people with mobility difficulties to retain their freedom and independence. We were clear in highlighting these services as an essential part of the transport system in helping people access vital public services, particularly to NHS appointments. That is why it is vital that a review is undertaken by HMRC to ensure these vital services and their volunteer drivers can afford continue and do not diminish any further.

    How you can help:

    To strengthen the conversation with these key decision makers, CTA needs to gather as much information from across the UK on the impacts of the current AMAP rate on the recruitment and retention of volunteers.  We ask you to please complete our survey, which should only take 5-6 minutes to do.

    You can also write to your local MP to help us to pressure the UK Government to act. To find yours, follow this link: Find your MP – MPs and Lords – UK Parliament. To make the process as easy as possible we have included a template letter. When you do write to your local MP, please let us know – we would be very interested to hear how you get on and help with any further responses if needed. You can reach us at hello@ctauk.org

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    • Terry Cocks

      17:25 28th June 2022

      I have already emailed you re this issue.
      Petrol is at a ridiculous level now at £1.92 a litre making it very difficult for us drivers to operate.We are dedicated to our cause and feel sorry for the elderly but are in a difficult position. If you do local jobs during a day it makes one having to fill up with petrol continuously being the miles per gallon is poor.
      I work for CPSCS in Tyrells Benfleet and we are struggling to provide a NEEDED ESSENTIAL SERVICE for elderly people. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!!!

    • Yvette

      16:46 27th April 2022

      Hi. Both my husband and I are volunteer drivers for a local charity. We really enjoy the work and historically have not claimed the mileage we could claim instead gifting it as a donation to the charity. However with the rising cost of fuel and general cost of living rises we have now started to claim the mileage, which we are unhappy about but we need to in order to continue to support the charity . The sad reality is even claiming the mileage we are out of pocket, whilst we are in a position (currently) to carry on others are not so fortunate, we know of several people who would like to volunteer but won’t because of the costs involved.
      Living in a rural area many people are dependent on volunteer drivers – the lack of drivers locally means that we are called upon daily to help out. Whilst happy to do what we can we never envisaged daily work. The mileage rate needs to reflect current costs .

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