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    • Why I became a CTA Trustee – Jo Foxall
    • by Jo Foxall
      Managing Director, Traveline Cymru | CTA Trustee

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    Jo Foxall, Managing Director of Traveline Cymru, and one of CTA’s newest Trustees, talks about the work she does and why she wanted to become a CTA Trustee. 

    As Managing Director of Traveline Cymru, the Welsh Government’s public transport information service, I sit in a fairly unique position in the public transport industry having risen through the ranks from Marketing Assistant through various marketing and customer focussed roles to the senior position. Whilst I now take a more strategic role within the business, I’m proud to continue to be a customer champion within my own organisation.

    During my fourteen year career with Traveline, I have worked closely with customers, partners and stakeholders throughout the industry and have discovered that the best way to deliver any kind of transport service is to focus on what the customer needs and of course, the community transport sector is designed in exactly that way.

    Through my work with Traveline, I have worked with many community transport providers in Wales from the smallest community car schemes to the likes of the Bwcabus scheme in West Wales which, although not a traditional community transport scheme, is built with similar ideologies in mind. In Wales, as I am sure is the case elsewhere in the UK, community transport is serving ever growing customer need where traditional transport is unable to deliver.

    Working alongside CTA as a partner and stakeholder in Wales, I have gained an insight into the commitment community transport providers have to their customers, and also some of the challenges being faced on a local and national level.  In addition, I have seen the interesting, diverse and successful projects that can be delivered when groups of like minded people get together with the common goal of serving their community and helping provide members of the community with independence and access to services. The epitome of customer focus.

    When I was invited to apply for a Trustee role within the Community Transport Association, I was keen to be considered for the role because I believe my customer focus and experience in the transport sector could be useful to the organisation. I’m also keen to be able to represent the activities in Wales at a UK Level.

    The transport industry generally and community transport specifically is facing challenging times at present and now more than ever, the strong, experienced and committed trustee board is key to supporting the sector and its members. I’m looking forward to working with such a knowledgeable and dedicated group of individuals, learning more about the sector and utilising my skills and experience where needed.

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