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    • Why we’re a CTA Member – Queenswood School
    • by Chris Coles
      Operations Manager (Transport), Queenswood School

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    In the past few years, transport has become a very significant part of a school’s appeal to parents when they consider where to send their child.  We conducted a survey of our parents who used the school transport service and a majority of them said that they would find it difficult to have their children attend the school if it wasn’t for the availability of school transport.  With strong competition between schools for applicants, transport has become a integral part of the offering to prospective parents.

    Most schools operate under the provisions of the Section 19 permit system and, as such, transport managers are not legally required to attend specific transportation training.  With the legislative requirements spread across numerous guide books, laws and agency publications it is exceptionally difficult for school transport managers to ensure that they are operating a safe and legal transportation service.  When I started at Queenswood, I leaned heavily on the Community Transport Association through a formal one-day training course as well as using their excellent resource material on their web site.

    Membership in the Community Transport Association is an absolute must for any school.

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