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    • Working in partnership with Community Transport
    • by Ed Potter
      Managing Director, Arriva Transport Solutions

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    In the latest issue of the CTA Journal, Ed Potter Managing Director at Arriva Transport Solutions, looks at the challenges and the possibilities for providers of non-emergency patient transport and the benefits of commercial providers and community transport working in partnership. 

    The specialist mobility market in the UK is an exciting but sometimes challenging place. Throughout the country, providers across a spectrum of size and geographical spread are delivering examples of great practice and passenger experience, but all too often the commissioning environment is holding back real and urgently needed progress.

    Arriva operates specialist mobility services on behalf of the NHS in a dozen different territories, in many cases in partnership with community transport operators and voluntary groups. When engaging with NHS commissioning bodies, councils and joint authorities on both current contracts and future opportunities we consistently come up against three key challenges – investment, ideology and integration.

    Read the full article here. 

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