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    • by Bill Freeman
      Chief Executive

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    We’re excited to announce the full programme for CT ’19 – our two day event in November bringing together CTA members and friends from all parts of the UK to network, learn, share ideas and celebrate the amazing work of our sector.

    We’ve put together an exciting programme looking at some of the main issues, ideas and opportunities for the community transport sector today. With sessions looking at wider policy ideas and day to day practical issues, as well as the Community Transport Awards, there’s something for everyone at CT ’19! Take a look at the programme below to see what you’ll be getting up to.

    For £100 you’ll have access to all aspects of the event, including the conference, workshops, exhibition and the Community Transport Awards dinner, so don’t miss out! You can find out more information about the event at ctauk.org/ct19.

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    Day One – 12 November | Conference, AGM, Awards

    Time Session


    – 12:45

    Lunch and networking

    Join us in the Players’ Lounge at Hotel Football for a buffet lunch and a chance to meet other participants.


    – 13:15

    Welcome and keynote speaker

    Bill Freeman, CTA’s Chief Executive, will welcome participants and give his take on the opportunities and challenges for the CT sector. Bill will also introduce our keynote speaker, to be announced.


    – 14:00

    Panel Discussion: Improving Local Commissioning 

    The discussions since 2017 about the use of section 19 and 22 permits have shone a light on commissioning practices and asked if they are sufficiently tuned into recognising the distinctiveness of community transport services and the unique social value you create.

    Working with the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Community Transport, CTA have been leading a project to answer some of the big questions about the current commissioning environment, finding a better way to get the kind of local services everyone wants to see and to create opportunities for community transport to reach further in enabling greater access to public services and employment.  In this session we’ll launch our report and ask our panel of experts to give their take on how we can improve local commissioning to get better outcomes for our service users.


    – 14:15

    Lightning Talks: doing something different

    Inspirational talks from a group of CTA members on how they’ve worked with commissioners to do something different.


    – 14:30

    Break and Refreshments


    – 14:45

    People Powered Transport

    Launch of CTA’s manifesto project.


    – 15:45

    The What, Why and How of Place Based Policy Making

    Places matter to people. So does transport. Both shape the way we live, feel about ourselves and the connections we make with others. But policy making often treats places as if they’re all the same, even though we know that what works for Glasgow will differ from what works for Gloucestershire or Gwynedd. To address this, there is now much more talk about place-based policy-making.  As people who represent a unique and vital community asset, this session will explore how you can position yourself and your work in the middle of that conversation about creating a better place.  We’ll hear from speakers who are developing their own local solutions and figuring out how our transport fits with wider considerations about quality of life and our collective well-being.


    – 16:00

    Lightning Talks: what makes a place great?

    Inspirational talks from a group of CTA members who are plugged into their local conversations about what makes a place great.


    – 16:15

    Break and Refreshments

    There will be a short break before CTA’s Annual General Meeting which all members are invited to attend.


    – 17:15

    CTA’s Annual General Meeting 2019

    As we’re a member-led organisation please join our board and other members to take part in this years’ AGM.

    Break in proceedings ahead of the Community Transport Awards


    – 19:00

    Community Transport Awards – Drinks Reception

    Join us ahead of the Community Transport Awards for a drink and a chat with your fellow participants.


    – late

    The Community Transport Awards – Dinner and Presentations

    With a three-course dinner, drinks and the presentation of 10 exciting awards, we’ll come together as a sector with our friends and supporters to celebrate the amazing work of community transport. Find out more about the awards at ctauk.org/ctawards.

    Day Two – 13 November | Workshops and Exhibition

    Join us the morning after the Community Transport Awards for practical and engaging workshops, an exhibition with top suppliers to the community transport sector and the opportunity to meet and get advice from CTA staff at our stand. The exhibition will run throughout the workshops below. Alongside the exhibition, you will have a choice of attending a number of workshops running at different times throughout the day. More information on the workshop timings and choices will be available nearer the time.

    Time Session


    – 10:00

    Refreshments and networking


    – 13:00

    Workshop: Using the Short Distance Exemption

    This is a must attend workshop if you want to understand more about the ‘Short Distance Exemption’ in the UK Government’s most recent guidance on the use of section 19 and 22 permits. We’ll explore how to assess which services fall under the exemption, methods for plotting distances and what evidence you need when applying for permits. We’ve also invited the Department for Transport along to contribute to this session.

    Workshop: Getting the most from your Board

    Most boards have many questions! Should we set up a trading arm? Should we expand our services? How do we plan for the long-term when funding is short-term? This session will look at good ways to frame the work of your board so they are focussed on doing the right things and are confident they are doing them well.

    Workshop: Talking to Politicians

    With so many voices competing for the ear of local and national politicians it can be hard to get heard. You need a compelling story that connects with them personally and with what they want to achieve. Here we’ll explore how to engage effectively with your local politicians, be they councillors or MPs, using examples from the other parts of the charity sector and case studies from community transport providers who have been able to bring about changes through working with politicians.


    Workshop: What makes funders tick?

    What are the big ideas in the funding landscape and what makes the difference in whether something does or doesn’t get funding. This session will look at the current state of charity funding in the UK, exploring how charities can create healthy, long-term relationships with funders.

    Workshop: Good to Go – CTA’s Performance Standards

    Attend the relaunch our new simple and interactive Performance Standards, with tools and resources to help you self-assess and then show you meet the Standards. There will be copies to take away and a walk-through of how to use the tools.

    Workshop: Working with Local Businesses

    If you want to work more with local businesses and their employees to make yourself more sustainable and create more benefits for your service-users then please come to this session. We’ll be considering what types of partnerships community transport providers can form with businesses and how to go about developing these.


    Workshop: Latest Practice in Accessibility

    In this hands-on session, CT ’19 headline sponsor Q’Straint will be talking about the latest best practice in accessibility and safety, looking at the latest products you can use to ensure that vehicles meet the highest standards of accessibility.


    Workshop: Volunteer Recruitment and Development

    In surveys of our members about what they need, help with recruiting volunteers is always high on the list. Here’s a chance to refresh your approach to running an effective volunteer recruitment campaign and how to show them some love so they stick around. We’ll also look at targeting different groups, such as young people, and explore how we can create meaningful and worthwhile opportunities for them.

    13:00 Event Close

    If you have any questions about any aspect of CT ’19 don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at ct19@ctauk.org. We look forward to seeing you there!

    Book your place now!

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