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    As with past CT Conferences, the 2023 edition of the Community Transport Conference, organised by the Community Transport Association, is an essential gathering of community transport providers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; local authorities, sector professionals, transport leaders and key partners to discuss sustainable CT approaches for the future, and the role of CTA in leading a thriving Community Transport movement.

    With a focus on securing a sustainable future for CT, the conference will highlight innovative strategies, technologies, and approaches that can sustain and enhance community transport systems for years to come. The discussions will revolve around ensuring accessibility, efficiency, and sustainability while meeting the evolving needs of diverse communities.

    CT Conference 2023 will be an opportunity to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing, promote inclusivity, and discuss building resilient systems that will continue to serve communities effectively in the years ahead. The conference will showcase outstanding community transport projects, drive the exchange of experiences, address common issues, and explore partnerships. It will also raise awareness of the importance of community transport in enhancing social inclusion, supporting vulnerable populations, and ensuring equitable access to transport options.

    About the Location:

    Birmingham, our location for CT’23, often called the “Second City” of the United Kingdom, is a vibrant and culturally diverse city that captivates visitors with its rich history and innovative spirit.

    The National Exhibition Centre (NEC) is one of the UK’s largest and most versatile exhibition centres. Situated in the West Midlands region, NEC serves as a hub for a wide range of events, including trade shows, conferences, concerts, and sporting events, with its strategic location near Birmingham International Airport and excellent transportation links.


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    • Angela Perrett - the Sprint

      04:32 23rd November 2023

      the Sprint team are all booked in. First conference and awards we have attended! Being nominated for awards has meant so much to us!
      See you all there

    • Colleen Sutcliffe - Merton Community Transport

      12:11 20th October 2023

      We have registered for the conference, the evening event and hotel rooms.

      Looking forward to some interesting and informative content, together with meeting those from other CT’s.

      Any ideas as to when we will receive our tickets and full venue details?

      • Kevwe Oghide

         replying to Colleen Sutcliffe
        15:21 20th October 2023

        Hi Colleen, thanks for registering! We look forward to welcoming you! We are completing all aspects of the conference and awards and will be in touch in the coming weeks. Look out for our email in your inbox.

    • Mark S Arnold - Halton Community Transport

      14:57 6th September 2023

      We have registered and booked a hotel just hoping its as well attended as many of the G-Mex Manchester events where.

    • Nigel Hinch - ABILITY

      08:07 10th August 2023

      We will be there, will YOU

      Chance to learn, debate, discuss everything to do with Community Transport. We are a community ourselves, meet with others from around the country make friends

    • Simon Stanford - Accessible Transport West Somerset

      16:07 8th July 2023

      Essential for all community transport providers

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