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    • Revitalise Your CTA Membership: Join the Review!

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    We have exciting news to share with you that will enable you to make a real impact on the future membership offer from the Community Transport Association (CTA).

    We are embarking on a membership review, and your valuable insights and feedback are at the heart of this transformative journey. Are you ready to shape the future of CTA? Read on!

    Why Your Voice Matters

    At CTA, we firmly believe in the power of collective wisdom. We understand that you, as members, possess a wealth of knowledge and experiences that can drive positive change within our organisation and the wider sector. This membership review is our way of actively involving you in the decision-making process, ensuring that your needs and aspirations are addressed effectively.

    The CTA membership is a diverse mix of direct CT providers, schools, and local authorities, each with their own specific needs. To ensure we address these needs effectively, we’re embarking on a targeted consultation process with each group. We’re starting by focusing on our members who are directly involved in CT provision, such as charitable and not-for-profit organisations.

    We will be launching a consultation for schools and local authorities in late summer.

    Join the Conversation

    There are two exciting ways for you to get involved in this membership review:

    It’s quick, easy, and a chance for you to provide insights on the nine crucial areas mentioned below. Your responses will shape the future of CTA and its offerings to members.

    The survey will take approximately 20-30 minutes of your time, and as a token of our gratitude, you will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win one of three £75 vouchers!

    • Attend the Membership Review Focus Group: Book Here

    Join us on Monday, 31st July at 2 pm for an engaging online focus group session.

    This is an exceptional opportunity to directly engage with fellow members, share your thoughts in real-time, and collectively explore innovative ideas for CTA’s future.

    Unlocking Opportunities

    We have listened to members priorities over the last year and this membership review builds on what we have heard and is an opportunity for you to contribute your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions on various key practical aspects. By participating in the survey, you can provide valuable insights on:

    1. The CTA Advice Service: Share your experience and help us enhance accessibility and awareness of this invaluable support system.
    2. Research and Insight Sharing: Unleash the power of data and collective intelligence by contributing to the gathering and sharing of research within the entire membership.
    3. Peer Support: Connect with like-minded individuals, exchange experiences, overcome challenges, and provide practical advice. Together, we can create a strong support network within the community transport sector.
    4. Online Support: Help us shape our online resources to suit your preferences and needs. Your input will guide us in enhancing the member experience and ensuring a seamless digital journey.
    5. Expanding Connections: Explore potential collaborations with other organisations to enhance the advice and support available to the community transport sector. Your suggestions can lead to new partnerships and amplified impact.
    6. Effective Marketing and Communications: Share your insights on how we can keep you and the wider sector better informed about the topics that truly matter to you. Help us create meaningful conversations and foster a stronger sense of community.
    7. Permits and Regulations: Provide your thoughts on the current framework that enables community transport operations. We want to understand the benefits, challenges, and explore avenues for improvement.
    8. Commercial Partnerships: Guide us in identifying strategic commercial companies that can support us in achieving cost savings and improving operations. Your recommendations can unlock new opportunities for growth and efficiency.
    9. Member Benefits: Help us strike the right balance between member and non-member benefits. Your perspective is crucial in ensuring that our direct members receive tailored advantages that amplify their commitment and impact.

    Save the Date

    CTA Conference 2023! We’re excited to share the draft results of the membership review with you at the highly anticipated CTA Conference 2023 on Thursday, 23rd November in Birmingham.

    Prize Draw terms and conditions

    To be entered into the prize draw to win a £75 voucher you must:

    • Be a current CTA member and  Complete all relevant questions

    Find the full terms and conditions here

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