• #CTWeek23: Campaign Toolkit

  • What is Community Transport Week?

    The CT Week is a time to spotlight the incredible efforts of staff, volunteers, drivers, coordinators, and everyone in the CT sector who works tirelessly to provide reliable transportation options for those who face mobility challenges or lack access to conventional modes of transportation.

    When is Community Transport Week?

    In 2023, Community Transport Week will be held from the 16th – 21st October.

    Why is Community Transport Week Important?

    The goal of CT Week is twofold; to raise awareness of the significance of accessible and inclusive transport options for everyone, particularly people in the community, including those with mobility challenges, disabilities, older people, and those with, limited access to private vehicles or conventional public transport.

    The second is to celebrate the invaluable efforts of CT providers across the UK who support millions of people across the UK and are using transport to create a more inclusive and connected society.

    Theme ideas for #CTWeek23

    We’ve suggested these themes as ways to help you celebrate and share the powerful story of the impact you have in your communities. While these themes are a guide and offer some inspiration, as always please feel free to be flexible with your plans. And if you have other great ideas, why not share them with the CTA team at comms@ctauk.org?

    CT Services Day: A day to showcase the services that the CT sector offers. From service types and trips to car schemes, day trips, health appointments, etc.

    CT Passengers Day: A day to celebrate people who use CT services. It is a reminder that community transport is ultimately about people and connecting communities. On this day, we will be telling passengers stories and the impact of CT.

    CT Innovation Day: Highlight the creative ways your CT has improved their services through brilliant ideas, technologies and initiatives aimed at enhancing accessibility, inclusion, efficiency and sustainability of community transport.

    CT Volunteers Day: Share a heartfelt tribute to the dedicated individuals who selflessly contribute their time, energy, and expertise to support and strengthen CT initiatives.

    CT Policy Day: Showcase support for CT from your local councillor or MP – including how that support can lead to more people making sustainable journeys, more volunteers being supported to keep contributing to their local communities, and more vital local services being protected.

    CT Open Day: Organise an open day event or fair that is community-focused within your premises to showcase your available services and educate more people in your region about the importance of CT.

    We’ve put together some useful toolkits to help your organisation and community celebrate this year’s Community Transport Week!

    Download All CT Week23 Promotional Assets with Calls to Action


    Remember to use the hashtags #CTWeek23 and tag CTA on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in all your posts! Alternatively, you can email us comms@ctauk.org!